Amazing Experience In Singapore

Singapore is one of the most adorned places for tourists over the world. The scenic beauty and beautiful islands are the main attraction for tourists. Every year a large numbers of tourists over the world visit Singapore to explore beauty of islands and marine lives. There are couples of places in Singapore that attract adventure lovers each year. One of the interesting parts of Singapore tourism is its ferry rides. Even people enjoy sorts of water sports in visiting Singapore like Kayaking, diving, sailing and so forth. To enjoy such water sports you must visit islands in Singapore and you can charter ferry for marine ride to experience life under-water.

Book Your Ferry to visit Islands


There are sixty-three islands in Singapore. Jurong, Pulau, Tekong, Pulau Ubin and Sentosa are the most visited islands in Singapore and among of all, Sentosa is the famous one. You can take part in different fun as well as adventurous water activities in Sentosa Island. Hundreds over hundreds people visit Sentosa Island on their vacation. Each island in Singapore has its own significance to tourists and offers various kinds of sports and amusements to the travelers. People who are thinking how to visit these famous and marvelous islands with families or friends they need to contact with local ferry service.

How to Book Singapore Ferry to Batam?

Jurong Island or Tekong Island or Sentosa Island, wherever you want to go you need to charter ferry from ferry service providers or travel from tanah merah ferry terminal. There are large numbers of local ferry service providers that offer you the best and reliable Singapore ferry to Batam or Bintan or Bulan or other islands. You can book your ferry to Batam online in advance or after arriving in Singapore. The choices are yours that which Singapore ferry service you want to choose for your perfect holiday island destination.  Whether you want to go Batam Centre or Harbour Bay or Sekupang or Nongsapura in Batam, many Singapore ferry services to Batam are waiting in different Singaporean harbours. Choose your ferry service, book ticket and set off journey at your suitable time.

Car rental Services in Kuala Lumpur


Each and every person has different hobbies. Some prefer collecting ancient coins, tickets, photography, notes, utensils and many more. Even, there are some people who like collecting exclusive watches. In case you are also among them, then Kuala Lumpur will be the best place for you to shop as well as catch a glimpse of some exclusive collection of watches.

Authenticate Designed Watch Brands in Kuala Lumpur


kl-airport-serviceAuthentically designed watches are no doubt preferred by almost all. Apart from giving an aristocratic look, those components create an impressive impression in the minds of the viewers. Some of the authenticate designed watches known worldwide include:

  • Rolex
  • Chopard
  • Longines
  • Tag Heuer and many more.

After landing onto Kuala Lumpur, in order to make your dream come true, you may hire car rental Kuala Lumpur airport services to reach the Pavilion > This place has been known to be one stop destination for going through the immense collection of exclusive watches from where you can buy the desired item of your choice.

Reaching Pavilion Mall through Car Rental Kuala Lumpur Airport Services

After reaching the Pavilion shopping mall building, you will firstly be influenced by its beauty. Also, at one end of the shopping mall, a number of shops are there which have been known to sell luxury watches. Even you can find Tudor and Rolex watches on the other floors.

The Sincere Watch Boutique has fetched its reputation for its best collection comprising of Girard-Perregaux, Vacheron Constantine, and others. Adjacent to it there lays a small boutique Mont Blanc famous for pens and accessories. You may also request the car rental Kuala Lumpur airport to take you to those stores which have gained the high reputation for selling Chopard watches.

Pavilion Mall – Not Possible to Explore in a Single Chance


As the mall comprises of a large number of stores and boutiques, honestly speaking it cannot be explored in a single chance. You need to plan another few trips to complete the round to the stores having the most popular watches on display. Along with gent’s watches, the presence of the exclusive collection of ladies watches will totally make you overwhelmed. It will be easy for you to choose the most suitable one for your beloved and Mom.

Special Boutique for Special Watches

If anybody is in search of some of the most aristocratic and authenticate brands of watches like Omega, Longines and Ebel in Kuala Lumpur, then the Watatime Boutique in the Pavilion mall itself will be the best choice. Somebody has aptly remarked that Kuala Lumpur is undoubtedly the best spot for shopping. You will be getting different items at a single place against justified price rates.

Holding discount coupons through lucky draw will definitely save a lot. The place has also saw the launching of many new watches from other luxury brands which will be known after you have a visit.

Exploring and revealing the south Asian countries

Asia, or sometimes referred as the gateway to the world, is a very rich continent in terms of everything. And, ASEAN, or the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations, is a strategic part of the continent. Asian is a group of 10 nations. Primarily, it is one of the hottest tourist destination around the world, as in the region many tastes and flavors can be found. This makes ASEAN a unique place to visit and this is why a large number of tourists head this way. The countries which you can focus upon like we did in our trip, are Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. However, you can also easily cover all the 10 nations if you have the time for it to get the maximum blend of the ASEAN taste. And, as an added treat, you can easily roam around most ASEAN nations via ferry boats and luxurious ferry rides!

Before taking ferry rides in Singapore, if you comes from Malaysia, you can get car rental from from this website links >>

Start off with Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then the ferry rides:

You can easily begin your tour in KL, and check out the sights and scenes of this vast nation. If you want, you can easily enjoy the riches and also the moderates of the city and also the country. High rise buildings and shopping malls are common sights in KL, but the street food at Jalan Alor is also very tempting. Do also make sure that you head north to check out Penang and Langkawi area. The ferry rides on these routes are awesome and you can have a great time there. In fact, in Malaysia you can also book a ferry ride in Johor, the views are spectacular and the scenery is epic.
Switch over to Singapore:


Singapore Flyers >> Unique Experienced

The city country should be your next spot. Singapore is south of Malaysia, and like us, if you also want to be economical, then take a train trip or get to Johor for a ferry ride. You will get to know the people and the way they live via this medium. Singapore has loads to offer in this case; the city itself is filled with shopping destination and is filled with modern architectural wonders along with a colonial splash. You can spend your time in the city by hopping onto the Singapore flyer, or by going to the Universal studio tour. You can also become crazy by heading out to a night safari or by paying a visit to the zoo. You can also go to Indonesia via the ferry service from Singapore directly.
Finally, spend some quality time in Indonesia and Thailand:

Bangkok and Jakarta are two vibrant cities of Asia, and both of them have a huge appeal in their own right. When you are in these 2 countries you can cool off and take time off for the beaches. Bali and Pattaya coast can charm you out in the best possible way and it can act as the final destination of your tour easily.

Have you ever visited Malaysia?

boeingThe tour operating wing of Malaysia Airlines has recently released “Destinasi ASEAN,” an inclusive ASEAN vacations booklet covering the eight countries within the particular province those are– Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, and Myanmar. This tourist guide booklet includes holiday ideas, travel tips, destination suggestion and maps within these countries, and useful icons.

I recently have got this in my knowledge and I am really overwhelmed to know about the vast number of tourist places within these countries. I was planning my next holiday abroad and just at the correct time I saw this. In the last year I went to Langkawi, the well-known island (including 99 small islands) tourist spot in the western coastal part of Malaysia. Me with my family enjoyed a perfect sea holiday there. The natural beauty, resources made our holiday beautiful, but we got a smooth and hassle free tour only because of the who provide us the best travel service.

We have planned our holiday this year again in Malaysia. But this year it is not only Langkawi, but we have a plan to touch all the eight countries of ASEAN destination. As soon as we planned our vacation we have booked our travel with Easybook online. And once again we received a prompt and easy booking and a through guidance to make our coming trip most beautiful, pleasant and comfortable.

Amazing Hotels Must Visit Before We Die

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